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C&G 2382 17th Edition

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C&G 2392

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ECA - The Electrical Contractors Association

The Electrical Contractors' Assocation (ECA) was formed in 1901. This trade organization currently represents more than 2,000 U.K. companies. In addition to its main goal of promoting its members to the public, another main goal of the ECA is to protect its members' interests.

The ECA wants to promote safety for electrical workers, as well as uniform installation standards, such as Part P of the Building Regulations. Electrical workers need to have standardized electrical qualifications in order to reach these goals and they deserve to be paid a fair wage for their work.

Benefits of ECA Membership

There are a number of reasons why becoming a member of the ECA makes sense. Please consider the following:

How to Qualify for Membership in ECA

Membership in ECA is open to companies, as opposed to their employees. If your firm has been performing electrical installations for a minimum of 12 months, you are eligible to apply for a membership.

Preference is given to companies who are members of the Joint Industry Board (JIB) when applying for a membership in ECA. For your convenience, the cost of a JIB membership is included in the annual fee charged for an ECA membership.

Members must comply with the ECA's Code of Fair Trading, and meet the ECA's electrical qualification standards, including the Periodic Technical Assessment Scheme. In order to comply with the Periodic Technical Assessment Scheme, members must be able to prove their competence.

This goal is accomplished by having the ECA send a staff member to conduct an assessment or by appointing a third party to conduct the necessary inspection. If a third party is involved, the assessment must be at a level "Deemed to Satisfy" ECA requirements.

The assessment is conducted on the member's "core category of work." This is the work that the member deems to be the most important, and could be based on type of work, volume, or value to the business.

Once a business has successfully passed the assessment, it can be listed in the ECA's Register. The Register listing will include the category or categories of work the new member chose to have assessed as part of the application process. At that point, the business can advertise itself as being an ECA member on its promotional materials.

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ECA - The Electrical Contractors Association

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