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EAL and Domestic Installer

EAL offers two types of electrical qualifications to students. You can choose one of the following courses:

EAL and Domestic Electrical Installer Qualification

The Domestic Electrical Installer program may be of interest to you if you are working in one of the following occupations:

Once you have completed the course requirements, you will be qualified to join a competent person scheme. Obtaining this electrical qualification means that you will be able to perform basic electrical functions as part of your job duties.

The Domestic Electrical Installer program is designed to be completed in approximately 51 hours of study time. This works out to 17 weeks of evening study time or two weeks if the course is studied on a full-time basis. These numbers should be taken as guideline only. If a student enrolled in the course doesn't have any previous experience and is using the Domestic Electrical Installer program for his or her electrical qualifications, then the course can be altered to allow for more study time.

EAL and Electrotechnical Certificate Qualification

The Electrotechnical Certificate program was formerly known as the Electrical Installation course. You will need to be actively employed in the building industry by a company that can fulfill the requirements of an NQV (National Vocational Qualification) to enroll in the program.

EAL and Electrotechnical Certificate Qualification: How to Find an Employer

If you are interested in training to be an electrician, finding an employer to apprentice with can be a challenging proposition. You will need to find one who is willing to provide you with training so you can complete your electrical qualifications.

To get someone willing to take you on as an electrical apprentice, you are going to need to show them that you are dependable, will show up for work on time, and are motivated to go through all the steps involved in completing the steps involved in getting your electrical qualifications.

You will want to hone your CV writing skills and prepare a CV so that the prospective employer can get to know something about you and your present qualifications. The next step is to start making a list of companies which have hired apprentices in the past; they are likely to have current openings. If you know someone who is working as an electrician, ask them which company they apprenticed with. EAL may be able to give you some suggestions and there are many resources on the Internet you can access.

Send your CV to the prospective employers on your list with a cover letter telling them that you will be calling to follow up in a few days. Make a note of the date and be sure to do this. It will indicate to the employer that you are enthusiastic and can be counted on to do what you say you will do.

Once you have found an employer willing to take you on as an apprentice, be sure to contact EAL straight away. You want to be sure that you can get a spot in an EAL course to complete your electrical qualifications.

EAL Electrical Qualifications

Complete Inspection & Testing Course

This great value package includes all you need to prepare for the City & Guilds 2394 and 2395 Online multiple Choice and Written Exams.

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17th Edition Course and Exam Simulator

The most cost-effective way of achieving your City & Guilds 2382-15 17th Edition Wiring Regulations qualification. All you need in one pack

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Part P Exam Simulator

Part P exam practice to know how electrical installations must comply with Building Regs in England and Wales

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PAT Testing
Exam Simulator

All you need to know to practice for the PAT Testing 2377-22 exam. Includes up to date exam simulator.

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